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Overnight at Giraffe Manor, Kenya: Giraffes, up close and personal

Giraffe Manor is a dream location. The luxurious 1930's manor house is a short drive outside of Nairobi in the Langata suburb. Surrounded by 140 acres of woodland and with 12 acres of privately owned land, the Manor comprises of 12 individual, beautifully designed rooms and shared access to relaxing lounges and terraces.

Of course, the likeilhood is that you are not considering Giraffe Manor for the superb accommodation and incredible staff. The real gem is the herd of Rothchilds giraffes that spend their day pottering around, joining the guests for breakfast.

Conservation at Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is a luxury hotel wrapped in a conservation blanket. The overriding aim is to preserve and conserve the endangered Rothschild giraffe and to educate visitors about the giraffe's plight - in 2016 it was estimated that there were 1671 wild Rothschild's giraffes left in the wild.

In order to try and conserve the species, Giraffe Manor has a Giraffe Conservation Centre in its groun…

A weekend stay at Hever Castle: In search of Anne Boleyn

The saying goes that "Every Englishman's home is his castle". Whilst the entire nation may not strictly live in castles, the UK certainly boasts a number of castles that can make you feel like royalty for a weekend.


Hever Castle in Kent, UK, is a shining example. 30 miles South East of London, Hever is easily accessible by car or train (if you do not mind a walk down country lanes to reach your final destination).


Hever started its life as a country house in the 13th century. It was developed by each owning family into the double moated castle that stands there today.

The castle's most famous occupant was Anne Boleyn, second wife to King Henry VIII. Hever Castle was Anne Boleyn's childhood home and her family owned the castle for the 15th and 16th century.

For any history buff, Hever Castle is an absolute treat!

Overnight stays

There are 3 options for overnight stays at Hever Castle: the Astor Wing, the Anne Boleyn Wing or Medley Court.

We opte…

Australia: Top things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne is an incredible city. Cosmopolitan, exciting and full of amazing coffee, there are so many ways to spend your time in and around the city.

To help begin your time in this amazing place, here are our top 10 things to do in Melbourne.

1. Drive The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the iconic routes and relatively easy to drive from Melbourne. Whether you're lucky enough to have a weekend to explore or are trying to squeeze it into one day, there are itineraries that will suit every adventurer. For those tight on time, our one day itinerary for driving the Great Ocean Road will give a flavour of what can be achieved with a rental car and a lot of caffeine.

2. Phillip Island

For any animal lover Phillip Island is an absolute treasure trove - Little Penguins and koalas abound, there are seals, whales and nobbies running amok. The jewel in the crown is Penguin Parade, when the Little Penguins come home from a long day of swimming to roost.

As well as excitable wi…

One Day Itinerary for Driving the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a bucket list dream. The ideal situation would be to spend a long weekend exploring, but what if you don't have a long weekend? Well, arguably the main attractions can be squeezed into one day with a bit of planning and a lot of caffeine.

Safety first, this is a long day out with a lot of driving. Take care of yourself, rest when tired, share the driving. That dealt with, it's time to enjoy the ride!

We left the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne very early in the morning. After two hours we arrived in Torquay, where we stood on the cliffs to stretch our legs and admire the view. 30 minutes later we arrived at the start of our itinerary.

8am: Split Point Lighthouse

In Airey's Inlet stands Split Point Lighthouse. Built in 1980 the lighthouse stands 66m above sea level. Tours are available at $14 per person but as we only had one day to explore the Great Ocean Road we did not take a tour, instead choosing to enjoy the cliff top walks around the lig…