Things we learnt in Budapest:

Budapest Hungary

1. Caving is 100% as terrifying as expected

Budapest Adventure Caving

2. I thought a full overall might be "A Look". Unfortunately that Look is "overgrown two year old in a romper"

Budapest Adventure Caving

3. Everything is on a hill. I should have calf muscles of a goddess after that, but instead they're still quivering like an old lady.

Hungarian Parliament Building

4. Hungarians believe in carbs and alcohol. I'm home!...

Matthias Church Budapest

5. Hungarian wine is good. Hungarian beer is good. Hungarian hangovers are very, very bad. 

Hungarian beer
It's all fun and games until the hangover sets in

6. Open air opera is a thing. Joining in is frowned upon.

Shoes on the Danube memorial Budapest
Very sobering and thought provoking Shoes on the Danube memorial

7. Thermal baths are cool. Wave machines are better.

Gellert Spa Budapest

Gellert Spa Budapest


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