Things we learnt in Oslo:

Oslo tiger sculpture

1. You can get really sunburnt in the Arctic Circle

Vigeland sculpture park Oslo

2. Sometimes you can see so much Viking history you start to believe you are a Viking and try to board and pillage other people’s kayaks.

Oslo Viking Ship Museum

3. Following on from #2, fjords are cold when you fall in.

Oslo Fjord, Oslo Kayaking, Oslo Kayak Tours

4. Sort out your spending money. Now double it. Chuck in another hundred quid. There you go.

Oslo fjord Kayaking, Oslo Kayak Tours

5. Schnapps- makes you cough. Then makes you fall over.

Magic Ice Bar Oslo

6. Ice bars are all good and fun until someone decides to eat the ice glass.

Magic Ice Bar Oslo

7. It's not just Norwegian Blues that are pining for the fjords.
Oslo fjord


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