Things we learnt in Iceland

The Sun Voyager, Reykjavik, Iceland

1. Our friend Charlie organises a wicked itinerary


2. It's not as cold as you think. Marginally problematic when you only packed thermals. Which brings us smoothly onto number 3...

Geysir Iceland

3. There is nothing quite as sexy as chin to ankle thermal undies.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

4. Bus drivers believe that speed bumps happen to other people. I'm waiting for my kidneys to descend from inside my brain and back into position.

Reykjavik Iceland

5. "I rode a Viking horse" is a cool way to say "lool at this tiny pony I made stagger up a hill and really fell off"

Viking horse Iceland
Beautiful Viska who let me kiss her on the nose

6. The Gullfoss waterfall path was closed due to ice and we got to watch some contestants for the Darwin Awards risk life and limb for a selfie

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland
Gullfoss- one of the worlds most beautiful health and safety nightmares

7. Snowmobiling= YES!

Snowmobiling Iceland

Thanks for reading the first part of our Iceland Adventure- next time I'm going to explain the mad itinerary our friend put together!


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