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Best things to do in Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovakian capital city of Bratislava is a medieval marvel, surrounded by soviet architecture, nestled between the Danube River and incredible mountain ranges. The fact that it attracts around 4.6million visitors a year seems to suggest that this gem has remained largely hidden. With so much to offer, it seems unfair that Bratislava is not higher up every body's list. If you were considering Bratislava as a weekend retreat, then I can happily recommend a few things to keep you busy!

Old Town

Any visit to Bratislava would not be complete with a meandering walk through the maze of alleys and boulevards of the Old Town.

Filled to the brim with Churches and restaurants, overlooked by the imposing Bratislava Castle on the Hill, the preserved Medieval centre of the Old Town is a fantastic place to while away a few hours.

St Michaels Tower 

In the Old Town centre itself is St Michaels Tower, standing proudly as the only preserved city gate. Built in approximately 1300 the Tower now hou…