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Things we learnt in Oslo:

1. You can get really sunburnt in the Arctic Circle

2. Sometimes you can see so much Viking history you start to believe you are a Viking and try to board and pillage other people’s kayaks.

3. Following on from #2, fjords are cold when you fall in.

4. Sort out your spending money. Now double it. Chuck in another hundred quid. There you go.

5. Schnapps- makes you cough. Then makes you fall over.

6. Ice bars are all good and fun until someone decides to eat the ice glass.

7. It's not just Norwegian Blues that are pining for the fjords. <

Things we learnt caving

My trusty travelling partner is much braver than I am. This has led us into a lot of ridiculous situations, with him hanging over the parapet of cathedrals to admire the view and me desperately gripping onto the stone walls and trying not to throw up as the world spins.
On our recent trip to Budapest I thought I would take the bull by the horns and book an adventurous activity that we could both enjoy- adventure caving!
My theory was sound: I am frightened of heights, not depths. As far as I was aware I was not claustrophobic (although there was an occasion I sent myself into a spin when a dress got stuck on my head). “I’ve got this in the bag” I thought.
After making contact with the fabulously helpful and friendly staff at Caving Under Budapest the tour was booked and off we went.
Several things I learnt quite quickly: 1. Everyone on our tour, bar me, looked like a serious gym bunny. 2. I do not rock a boiler suit like I had hoped.

Taken to the caves we were told to make our way do…


Things we learnt in Budapest:

1. Caving is 100% as terrifying as expected

2. I thought a full overall might be "A Look". Unfortunately that Look is "overgrown two year old in a romper"

3. Everything is on a hill. I should have calf muscles of a goddess after that, but instead they're still quivering like an old lady.

4. Hungarians believe in carbs and alcohol. I'm home!...

5. Hungarian wine is good. Hungarian beer is good. Hungarian hangovers are very, very bad. 

6. Open air opera is a thing. Joining in is frowned upon.

7. Thermal baths are cool. Wave machines are better.

Surviving Safari

We were lucky enough to visit Kenya last year and go on an INSANE safari. It got us thinking- safari is so different to other types of holiday, what do you need to know before you go?


You, your companions and all of your luggage are going to be crammed into your chosen safari vehicle for hours at a time, along bumpy roads (where your head will occasionally hit the vehicle roof!). Pack light. Pack compact. Pack in a rucksack.


Most lodges will have laundry facilities so pack light and leave plenty of room for souvenirs.

Don’t forget your sunglasses, sun cream, long sleeved shirt, fleece/ jacket (early morning safari can be bitterly cold) and sturdy shoes. Our vehicle got wedged in a ditch and we had to evacuate- it was not a situation for flip flops, although some valiantly ploughed on.

Be discreet. Wild animals are going to notice you wearing lime green cat suit. So is everybody else.

You do not need to be dressed head to toe in green ( be careful of camo clothin…


Things we learnt in Kenya:

1. Safari roads. Your kidneys will never forgive you. All I can do is profusely apologise to all of my internal organs. My bladder will never get over it.

2. You think a safari vehicle is indestructible because of the way they smash their way across country. Then it gets wedged in a ditch, promptly trapping the rescue vehicle with it, and you have to abandon it after dark in a game reserve.

3. Wildlife is all over the place. Sometimes it stops you getting into your hotel room, sometimes it's banging on the door of your hotel room and sometimes it joins you in the room itself.

4. I will travel for twenty hours to kiss a giraffe on the nose.

5. "Have you been in a tuk tuk? They don't obey the laws of the road" says our taxi driver as he overtakes a bus, on a blind corner, in the middle of the night, doing three times the speed limit.

6. Warthogs are hilarious little clowns that will do any manner of undignified things (getting wedged in a gat…